337 Quote by Paulo Coelho


The warrior of light has no “certainties”, he just has a path to follow, a path to which he tries to adapt depending on the season.


338 Quote by Paulo Coelho

Love can only survive where there is some hope, however remote, that we will win the person we love.


339 Quote by Paulo Coelho

I need to accept today’s blessings in order to create what I have; if I do this in a detached, innocent way, tomorrow I will receive more.


340 Quote by Paulo Coelho

With every step I take, another barrier falls, a barricade is destroyed, a wall crumbles, and my heart, hidden behind all those things, is beginning to see and enjoy the autumn light.


341 Quote by Paulo Coelho

Real love is composed of ecstasy and agony.


342 Quote by Paulo Coelho

May your path be one of peace in times of peace, and of combat in times of combat. Never confuse one with the other.


343 Quote by Paulo Coelho

Love obeys no one and only betrays those who attempt to decipher its mystery.


344 Quote by Paulo Coelho

When you love someone, things make even more sense.


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